We welcome you to the 16th annual CancunMUN conference, and to the Commission on Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice. My name is Mariela Escalante , and I have the pleasure of being your Chair for this year´s conference. I am currently a junior here at the International American School of Cancun; I’ve been a student here since last year. When I have some free time, I enjoy playing soccer, hanging out with my friends, and listening to music. I’ve participated in two Model United Nations conferences. It is an amazing experience for people who want to change the world and have their voices heard.

What my Co-Chair and I expect from all of you is that you represent your delegations at your maximum capability and that you treat each other with respect. Knowing and truly understanding what your country’s position is and maintaining it is also very important. You will meet so many new and different people; I want to remind you that your attitude during the sessions must be professional. You should also be aware that this background guide should not be your only source of information. You should investigate and gather your own information from other sources as well – don’t forget to cite them! 

*NOTE* Having the most information or talking without a purpose does not mean you will win an award!

Please, don’t be afraid to contact me personally if you have any doubts at or any of the Secretariat personally at; we will be more than happy to help you.




Dear Delegates,

Welcome to the 16th annual CancunMUN conference. My name is Ximena Kawan, and I will be your Co-Chair of CCPCJ. I am 17 years old and currently a junior here at the International American School of Cancun. I have been studying here since 7th grade. During my free time I like to read, go to the gym, spend time with my friends, cook and listen to music. When I graduate, I plan to study criminology in the US.

I have attended two CancunMUN conferences and this would be my 3rd. On my first conference I was page, on my second I was a delegate in WHO, I was very nervous at the beginning but at the end I had a lot of fun and got to learn new things. This year I will have the honor to be your Co-Chair. I am so excited to be working with all of you. 

I expect that each one of you comes prepared to do their best and brings the information needed to support your country’s position. Also don’t be nervous, the point of doing this is so you can have fun, get to learn new things, and to meet people from all around the world. I would like to remind you that this conference can be very fun but it should be treated professionally and most importantly with respect to all the other delegates. 

This background guide should not be your only source of information. Use reliable sources!!!
I wish you enjoy this experience as much as I will and if you have any questions or doubts feel free to contact me at I wish you the best of luck!




Udell Gomez


Juanjo Sortes


Prohibiting the Circulation of Fraudulent and Falsified Medicine


Measures for the Prevention of Fraud in Election Procedures

Background Guide document

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