Louise Capili


Welcome, Delegates, 

My name is Louise Capili. I am currently a senior at the International American School of Cancun. For this year’s CancunMun, I have the honor to be your Chair in the advanced committee of the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime. In my free time, I fancy practicing the violin, watching movies or hanging out with my friends. I hope to graduate from high school and go abroad for college to study medicine.

My very first experience in CancunMun was four years ago as the Secretary General’s page, and it was very amusing. Since then, I have been part of CancunMun either as a page or a delegate. And as I said, this year, I have the pleasure to now take command on my own committee. I will be working with my dear friend Tiffany Mancebo, and we have been working all year to make sure that you obtain the best CancunMun experience. We both encourage you to do plenty of research about the topics that we are going to be covering. I only have two expectations of my delegates: to have a professional attitude and be enthusiastic. Delegates, I remind you that the background guide cannot be your only source of information; it is your responsibility to dig deeper information about our presented topics.

I am looking forward for this year’s UNODC.  You’re very welcome to contact me for any doubts or concerns at I´ll be happy to help. You can also email the secretariat staff at 

Good luck, Delegates!



Tiffany mancebo

Hello delegates,

Hello, Delegates, 

My name is Tiffany Mancebo, and I’ll be the Co-Chair of United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime this year. I’m in my senior year at the International American School of Cancun. I enjoy doing many things, such as taking pictures, drawing/painting, traveling, and watching movies. I don’t have something planned for the future or know what I want to study, but I know I want to stay In Mexico with my family and friends. 

My first MUN was when I was in ninth grade. I participated as a page and that helped me gain experience for the next year, when I participated as a delegate. I found it to be a unique experience and decided this year to go for a challenge that I knew I would love. Being a Co-Chair was always something that I wanted to experience, and this is the year! I hope that my delegates run an amazing committee with the topics that have been chosen and that they enjoy it to its fullest. I expect delegates to have fun but to also be serious about the topics and make CancunMUN 2019 a memorable experience.  Delegates, remember that the background guide will help you understand the topics, but make sure to research and find more detailed information in other sources.

You may contact me at or any member of the Secretariat at 




Louise Capili


Tiffany Mancebo


Preventing Illicit Financial Gain from Drug Trafficking and Organized Crime


Combating Wildlife and Forest Crime in Asian Pacific Countries

Background Guide document

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