Hello, Delegates!


I’m Diego Santoyo, and it will be my pleasure to serve as your chair in the Disarmament and International Security Committee (DISEC) alongside Paula González, who will be your Co-Chair. Currently an 18 year old senior at IAS, my free time is best spent with friends, attempting to bake bread, skating and playing the guitar or the piano. I also like to spend my time learning about new cultures and languages so I can, hopefully in the near future, travel around the world with ease. Once in university, I’d love to major in economics and philosophy.


I intend to make this year’s DISEC a memorable experience for all my delegates and staff and provide a safe space for delegates to exchange ideas and reach agreements. However, I also expect my delegates to meet certain standards; everyone should participate with an open mind, should be knowledgeable about the topics of discussion and should be respectful at all times. My MUN experience is limited to only three years, so I’ll be constantly trying to meet my personal standards of greatness as much as I expect all delegates to try to reach theirs.


If you have any important inquiries about the committee, don’t be afraid to send me your doubts at diegosantoyo22@gmail.com. For any general MUN questions, contact cancunmun@outlook.com.


Can’t wait to meet you all in person, delegates!

Greetings delegates,


My name is Paula Gonzalez and I have the honor of being your Co-Chair in the Disarmament and International Security Committee (DISEC). I am 17 years old and am currently a senior at the International American School of Cancun (IAS). When I graduate, I would like to study hotel management or something that has to do with children or animals. During my free time, some of my hobbies are spending time with my family and friends, apart from going to the beach and traveling. 


This will be my third year participating in CancunMun. In the past years, I have participated as a delegate in UNODC and DISEC. I chose to be one of the chairs in DISEC because of past experience and I’ve always enjoyed talking about safety and security around the world.


I expect all delegates to be overall professional, confident, organized, well prepared, and to stay true to their country’s position. Remember that the background guide should not be your only source of information; you should also take a look at a few reliable sources.

If needed, you may contact me at paula.gonzalez@ciac.edu.mx or any member of the Secretariat at cancunmun@outlook.com. Delegates, I hope you enjoy this wonderful experience, and we wish you the best of luck!